This International Women’s Day (8th March 2024) we are celebrating all our hardworking, dedicated female staff. Today we are highlighting a member of our staff who has been with us at Parkhaven Trust for over 20 years.

Beccy Incledon Blevin started with us back in 2003 as a Day Care Assistant, she worked her way around the many services we offer at the Trust and excelled in each role she took on. Beccy is now Community Service Manager for the Trust as is part of the Senior Management Team.

Beccy’s career journey showcases the opportunities at Parkhaven for growth, self-development and career progression.

Beccy says: “With any job I have had, I always give 100%. I always take on extra responsibility and I really enjoy new opportunities for growth. I’ve worked in all services across the Trust over the past 20 years. I believe in embracing change. I thrive when finding solutions to challenging situation. I’ve become more and more passionate about the work I do over the years.”

As Beccy has taken on more managerial responsibilities she is driven to support other staff along their career journey. Just as Beccy was supported herself to develop her skills. She provides support, confidence building and opportunities for gaining further qualifications and growth for the staff she manages and works alongside.

In recent years Beccy has been instrumental in the success of introducing new technologies to the Trust. Even winning an Award for this as well as providing her expertise to other care providers across the UK.

Never one to stand still, Beccy’s plans for the future include the further development of the Trust’s digital offer. Continuing to lead the field with Parkhaven’s use of the newest digital technologies and enabling a better quality of life for the people we care for at the Trust. Beccy plans to continue in her leadership role, working hard to empower staff and highlighting opportunities for their self-development.

Beccy says: “I love my job and the fact that everyday is different. I’ve learnt that I thrive in situations where you need to be flexible, adapt and be solution focused. Looking back on my 20 years with the Trust I feel lucky to have found an employer that truly values my skill set and has actively invested in my development. I’m keen to act as a role model for other staff who may be at the start of their career journey, to show them the opportunities for growth that the Trust can provide.”


Happy International Women’s Day!


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