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Food & Nutrition

Our Award winning Catering Team understand the importance of good nutrition for the health of our clients. We believe a good and varied diet is essential to our clients’ quality of life.

Our meals are wholesome and nutritious. They are freshly prepared in our kitchens and cater for all dietary requirements, with specialist menus being created to meet all our client’s needs. Our chefs are always happy to receive menu suggestions and recipes too.

Client’s can choose to eat in our dining rooms with friends or guests, or in their own rooms. Drinks and snacks are available throughout the day and an alternative to the menu is always available.

We source local, seasonal produce wherever possible, supporting local producers and farmers.

Award Winning

We are delighted to have been chosen as winners for a number of awards for our food and nutrition services:

Paul Dunne, Chef was awarded the 2022 National Catering Chef of the Year Award. Find out more.

In 2020  we were awarded the National Catering Team of the Year Award. Find out more.