Beccy Incledon-Blevin, Community Services Manager from Parkhaven is a winner in the category of Care Innovator at the Great British Care Awards.

Beccy was nominated due to her instrumental role in the introduction of truly innovative technology at Parkhaven Trust that has made a huge positive difference to residents.

The Great British Care Awards are a celebration of excellence across the care sector.  The purpose of the awards are to pay tribute to those individuals who have demonstrated outstanding excellence within their field of work.

Kim Crowe, Chief Executive at Parkhaven Trust said: “Beccy has gone above and beyond to support Parkhaven Trust in our use and development of the newest technologies to support our service users.

Beccy has been instrumental in the introduction and training of staff to use these new digital methods of caring, such as circadian lighting; acoustic monitoring and electronic care planning.

Traditionally Parkhaven Trust would do hourly checks on residents during the night. By opening the door and light coming in, residents could be disturbed. Now staff use sound detecting technology; called acoustic monitoring; which listens to sleeping residents. The technology knows what is normal for the individual and will trigger an alert for staff if anything changes. For example, if someone usually snores at night and they stop; it will alert staff who can go in and check on the resident. It means we are not disturbing people unnecessarily; but we can keep people safe.

We are already seeing the benefits of implementing the technology. We have seen falls reduce by half; which is making a huge impact. It gives peace of mind to staff; residents and their families. Technology doesn’t replace great care; but it does give us extra support.

Beccy has also been sharing these successes and the learning with other care providers from other care facilities across the UK; through dedicated webinar sessions. With the support of the National Care Forum.”

Beccy added: “We’re actually the first service in England for people with dementia to have circadian lighting, acoustic monitoring and mobile care planning in a service. This has improved the quality of care that we deliver and the experience of our staff.

Our staff at Parkhaven Trust are amazing, when we bring in a new technology; they grab it with both hands and hit the ground running. We are all working towards the same aim – the best quality of care we can offer. I truly believe that you should treat those in your care like you’d want your family to be treated, and let the care come from your heart.

I am delighted to have been given this award and I take it in recognition of all the excellent work the whole team at Parkhaven do. The staff have embraced these new technologies and this is why it is helping our residents so much.”