We were delighted to welcome BBC Radio Merseyside’s Sean Styles into Parkhaven Trust on Monday 5th February to learn more about our volunteering opportunities.

Sean interviewed staff, volunteers and service users whilst also rolling his sleeves up and getting involved in crafting activities at Parkhaven Court.

Sean then met with The Scouse Mary Poppins! Lucy Worthing, who comes into our services (on Monday, The Willow Centre) to sing and dance – a real favourite with all our service users and staff alike!

Hear us on BBC Radio Merseyside here:

https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/p0h5872k         2 hours 49 mins in (why volunteer at Parkhaven Trust!)

https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/p0h58730         2 hours 22 mins in (Lucy – Scouse Mary Poppins)


Check out all our volunteering opportunities here.