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Volunteer Group Activities

We welcome workplace volunteer programmes here at Parkhaven Trust.

Does your workplace offer a volunteering scheme whereby groups of employees volunteer at local charities to support their local community?

We always have a range of activities for groups of corporate volunteers to get involved in, a few examples include:

  • Garden tidying, power-washing flags, weeding and sweeping.
  • Painting garden furniture.
  • Cutting back vegetation on our estate and community mile-path.
  • Mowing, planting, hedging and woodland conservation.
  • Supporting our service users and getting involved in crafting activities, music and reading.

There is always something fun and rewarding to get involved with at Parkhaven Trust!

Parkhaven Trust is a charitable not-for-profit organisation. We provide nursing and day centre services for elderly people and those with dementia. We also provide care and support for people living with a learning disability. We aim to ensure our service users get the most out of life in a comfortable, safe and secure environment, which includes our beautiful historic grounds.

If you and your team would be able to give a few hours a week (as much or as little as you can manage) we’d love to hear from you. For more details or an informal chat about the role – please get in touch.

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