Thank you for all your responses to the June 2021 Family Survey, in total we received 13 responses and below we have highlighted some of the key themes that have arisen from your feedback.

Themes coming from your responses to the survey Action we will take as a result
Regular call or email (once a week/fortnight) updating specifically on their loved one – Parkhaven staff to call family member.


We are pleased to now be able to welcome visitors back into our services (COVID-19 guidance permitting). This means we can once again have face to face conversations regarding your loved one’s care and wellbeing. If visiting isn’t possible for you then we are always happy to discuss your loved ones care over the phone.


We welcome regular calls from family members with regards the health and wellbeing of their loved one. These calls can be as frequent as you would like.


We do expect our staff to contact you directly when a loved one is close to running out of any particular item or there are any specific health concerns. It would however be difficult to arrange a suitable weekly time to contact every family member to discuss their loved one’s care – due to family members work commitments etc. We feel the approach we have outlined above is the best way to communicate with regards the care of your loved one.

Keeping a record/diary of who is visiting when – all staff to use this diary and be aware of who is visiting each day.


All services keep a booking system/diary of who is visiting when. This system is used by all staff.



Taking loved ones out/having a visit in the garden/courtyard if weather allows.


Our services are located in beautiful gardens and if the weather is favourable we do take people into the grounds and gardens.


Now that testing has been introduced for visitors we also hope you are able to take your loved one out into the grounds to enjoy the scenery and wildlife. We are also happy to welcome visitors into their loved one’s rooms for their visits.

James Page – Washing/laundry going missing and service users having unlabeled clothes in their rooms.





We apologise if any items have gone missing. It’s very difficult to keep track of un-marked items and our staff do everything that they can to ensure that individual items are returned to the person concerned.

Please ensure that all items are labelled where possible. When visiting your loved one is a good opportunity to ensure all their clothes are labelled correctly to reduce the chance of any items going missing during the laundry process.


Buzzer/intercom system so people don’t have to use the phone when wanting to gain entry to a service? We need to follow strict infection control measures to ensure the safety of your loved ones and our staff. Once such measure is asking visitors to use their phone’s to follow the admittance process (informing us of their arrival and their negative test results). This is a measure we need to continue using for the time being.


Could we provide a bin next to the PPE stations so visitors can dispose of their own PPE without handing it to staff (infection risk).


There is either a yellow bin or a yellow bin bag for the disposal of PPE, it should never be given to staff to dispose of.


We have followed this up with all service to ensure this procedure is being followed.

Provide drinks for visitors


At this time, in order to reduce infection risk, we are asking people to bring their own drinks.



More in depth info regarding ‘essential care giver role’ You can find out more about the essential care giver role here:


Please speak to your service manager if you’d like any further information or discussions about this.


Daily activities for residents We have a very varied activities calendar for each service – these are now shared on our website.


An example of this can be found here: