The Beeches is a state of the art residential and nursing service for people with dementia. The Beeches opened in November 2019 and has just had its first full year of providing excellence in dementia care and support for the residents.

Who better to show The Beeches first year than our resident Maude Birch and her daughter Nicky Taylor.

Maude joined us in November 2019 and in the past 12 months Maude has settled in and enjoyed the facilities, activities, care and compassion given by all staff.

Nicky Taylor Maude’s daughter is delighted with the care Maude has received at The Beeches:

“The first two photos where taken one year ago exactly to the day my mum arrived at the Beeches. The next few photos are mum looking 10 years younger one year on!

I just can’t believe the difference not only in looks but well being she’s so happy it’s just the best thing ever.

This is the result of genuine wonderful care and love, the difference is unreal and down to each and every one of you who have put the time, effort and love into making this possible. These photos show a much bigger picture, there for all to see, what you are doing makes a difference.

Thank you for everything you have done and are continuing to do, you are doing a wonderful job and making a real difference to so many.”


Find out more about The Beeches here. 



Maude Birch when she joined us in November 2019:



Maude Birch looking happier and healthier in November 2020: