Award winning Parkhaven Trust have high levels of staff satisfaction when compared with similar organisations according to the latest staff survey benchmarking reports.

The team at Parkhaven have won an Employee Engagement Award (pictured) from Agenda Consulting for achieving a score of at least 80% for the question “I would recommend this organisation as a good place to work” – Parkhaven achieved 86%.

Kim Crowe, Chief Executive at Parkhaven Trust said; “We are delighted to have been recognised for our excellent staff satisfaction levels. At the heart of what we do is an ethos of kindness, caring and experience. This same approach applies to our team of dedicated staff who all benefit from a working culture that is open, honest and focused on investing in developing our staff’s skill set. This all adds up to happier staff that provide an excellent service to our clients. The award backs up what we at Parkhaven already know – Parkhaven Trust is a great place to work!”

How Parkhaven compare

  • 86% of staff would recommend Parkhaven as a good place to work. (that’s 11% more than similar organisations)
  • 89% of staff feel supported by their managers to improve their skills (that’s 13% more than similar organisations)
  • 89% of staff feel valued and listened to by their managers (that’s 23% more than similar organisations)
  • 92% of staff said their work at Parkhaven Trust gives them a sense of personal achievement (that’s 5% more than similar organisations)
  • 90% of staff highly rate the leadership in their services (that’s 19% more than similar organisations)

What Our Staff Say:

“I love working for Parkhaven – the best thing is knowing that you are working for a company that helps and supports both our clients and their families.”

“One of the best things is the lovely estate and the grounds!”

“I work with a helpful and supportive team and have a good approachable manager.”

“We have good benefits, it’s a nice place to work.”

“The job is very rewarding, I always feel like I’m making a difference.”

“I’ve worked for Parkhaven Trust for over 13 years as a carer. I love my job; I work with a great team. We are always willing to help each other. The residents are like my extended family and it’s just like being in my home from home.”

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